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Why Cybersecurity Demand is Bigger in Dallas, Texas

If you're still not convinced that hacking and cyberattacks are a growing problem that affects every-sized business, then read this short article on how cybersecurity professionals are finding a ready market in Texas: As the saying goes, "everything is bigger in Texas," which may be why the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington region has a great need for network security engineers and analysts. In fact, labor insight group Burning Glass estimates that cybersecurity jobs in the area will grow by 33 percent over the next decade.

The DFW metroplex is a major financial and telecommunications hub, so cybersecurity professionals are always in demand to identify, analyze, and mitigate system network threats. Here are some of the top reasons why this Lone Star region is a great place to kick start your career:

1. Making Important Connections

If you want to sharpen your skills, it's important to learn from other cybersecurity professionals. Dallas is a great environment for connecting with others in the field. There are tons of events to attend and opportunities for you to get involved with local chapters of large cybersecurity organizations.

Some of the organizations in the area include the Cowtown chapter of Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), ISACA North Texas Chapter, Dallas NAISG, AITP Dallas, Dallas Makerspace, and OWASP Dallas. These organizations have active memberships and many activities to choose from to help you get connected.

Plus, these must-attend events will be held in Dallas this October: SecureWorld and Cyber Future Summit.

2. Big Companies, Big Opportunities

There are several Fortune 500 companies focused on energy, transportation, healthcare and telecom headquartered in the DFW – industries that increasingly rely on cybersecurity professionals. Some of these organizations include Exxon Mobile, AT&T, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Tenet Healthcare, and Energy Transfer Equity.

If you're looking for a tech company focused solely on cybersecurity, Dallas has that too. Two of Dallas' top-growing cybersecurity firms are Armor, a company that ensures cloud security and develops compliance solutions, and Zartech, a company offering cybersecurity products and advisory services. With all of these growing companies, Dallas is a hot spot for cybersecurity jobs.

3. Higher Than Average Pay

Demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals is high in the Dallas area. This is good news for job seekers because you are in a great place to negotiate the salaries and benefits you want. Dallas has one of the highest-paying markets for cybersecurity, and we've listed the median salaries for some of the more common cybersecurity jobs with data gathered from JobPulse.

Cyber Security Engineer: $94KNetwork Engineer/Architect: $100KSystems Analyst: $83K

Whether you're looking to put down roots at a large organization or a smaller company, seeking entry-level or veteran positions, or looking for networking opportunities — you'll find it all in the Dallas cybersecurity community. SOURCE:


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