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Legal services for small and mid-sized businesses

Many smaller businesses have growing legal needs, but have not reached a size for which hiring a full time attorney to meet those needs makes financial sense.


These companies usually have access to some legal representation; however because most law firms bill by the hour, in order to reduce their legal costs businesses seek legal advice only in emergencies. The problem with this approach is that when it comes to small and medium-sized businesses, many non-urgent – yet very important – aspects of corporate law are overlooked.

Fractional General Counsel is the solution

At Armstrong The Law Firm, P.C. we provide small and medium-sized businesses with the same executive-level legal resources as their larger competitors via our unique practice model: Fractional General Counsel, or Frac GC®  . This system enables smaller businesses to have access to legal services in all areas of their business, at a cost that is far more affordable than hiring an in-house lawyer.

Why business owners should choose Frac GC®

Hiring the full time services of a corporate attorney is simply not viable for many smaller companies. However, the Frac GC® practice model provides an agreed-upon set of services for a predictable monthly periodic payment. In this way, small businesses are not forced to call their lawyer only in an ‘emergency’ but rather, have access to a wider variety of legal advice and services on a regular basis.

Legal services for small businesses

The Frac GC® practice model enables clients to have their own “Legal Department” at a fraction of the cost. It can even include establishing a presence at the client location and becoming a resource to the client management team. Legal issues, ranging from business transactions to litigation and many other areas, will be handled by experienced Texas business attorneys who are knowledgeable about specific business concerns.

Your own business attorney at an affordable rate

Clients appreciate our ability and willingness to quickly assess their needs and ensure the attorney with whom they will be working is an excellent fit for their company. Attorneys contracted through the Frac GC® model integrate seamlessly with your business needs to become a trusted legal partner.

Frac GC® does far more than simply handle business transactional and contract matters. 


Contact Armstrong The Law Firm, P.C. today to learn more about what fractional legal services we can offer your company in Plano, Fort Worth or Dallas.

Frac GC® Attorneys (Left to Right): Richard Armstrong, Derk Wadas, Steve Walker, Larry Hercules*

*(Not Pictured: Katharine Burkhalter, Jeannine Host)

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