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The Experience and Skills Needed to Move to Closing

When an owner or owner group is selling or acquiring a business, it needs an attorney familiar with multiple areas: asset and stock sale agreements, real estate, employment contracts, vendor agreements, and negotiable instruments to name only a few.


The attorney must be able to negotiate deal points with the other attorney or party should he be called upon to do so. Additionally, he should be able to work closely with his client’s CPA and financial advisor to structure the sale in the way most advantageous to his client.


Last, he should be able to administer or participate in the sale closing, to bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion. Armstrong the Law Firm, P.C. has done all these things and more for businesses valued at millions of dollars.

Buyer or Seller Representation

We have represented both buyers and sellers in from the letter of intent stage through the closing, as well as afterwards.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is vital when piloting a business purchase to closing. This is your one opportunity to “get things right,” the way you want them. You do not want the nagging feeling of having to look back over your shoulder.


We will give every detail the attention it deserves, preparing agreements that will deter, not invite, disputes. This is what our clients expect, and what we strive to deliver in every business transaction.


Whether an asset sale, a stock sale, or an outright merger, Armstrong the Law Firm P.C. is capable and experienced.

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