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Despite claims made in commercials and advertisements, most insurance companies resist paying injury claims for automobile accidents. When that occurs—which is nearly always -- a personal injury attorney is required to prove the other driver is liable for injuries in such an accident.

Richard Armstrong puts over 35 years of experience as a Plano personal injury lawyer to work for you when you need compensation for injuries caused in an automobile or truck accident.


Bodily Injury


In Texas, a bodily injury attorney representing injured persons harmed by another’s negligence must establish several facts to prove an insurance company’s insured, or uninsured driver is liable for the victim’s injuries. If another driver is to be found at fault, it must be shown that the driver’s negligent or careless conduct caused the accident.  If the victim was also careless or negligent, the compensation she is entitled to may be reduced significantly.

Truck Accidents


Getting compensated for your injuries can be even more challenging if you are the victim of an accident involving a large truck. One of the things our personal injury lawyers in Plano, Texas focus on is bodily injuries related to truck accidents.  A truck accident can be devastating to your life, since injuries so caused are often far more serious than an automobile accident.


The truck accident lawyers at Armstrong the Law Firm are qualified to take on such a claim and prosecute it either to trial or to settlement. Next, truck accident lawyers must develop and introduce evidence of various types of damage.  Finally, if it is not admitted, our truck accident attorneys must establish that the insurance company had an obligation to insure the driver under the particular circumstances at issue.


Our Collin County truck accident lawyers want you to have the information you need to make good decisions regarding your injuries. You can get a variety of free resources on personal injury to help you with your case.

Whether you are dealing with injuries from a truck accident or an auto accident, you can find out whether you are entitled to recover for those injuries by contacting a personal injury attorney at Armstrong the Law Firm.


Only a qualified Collin County personal injury lawyer can help you realistically determine who is liable for your injuries and prove your case against even the most resistant defendant or the most reluctant insurance company.


When I need local counsel on in Dallas and North Texas, Richard is my absolute first choice. I have been consistently pleased with Richard's assistance and the clients I have referred directly to him have all reported back with nothing but high praise.

Xavier Medina Ethics & Professional Responsibility Attorney on Oct 31, 2011



I endorse this lawyer's work. I refer all my clients with business, corporate or personal and bodily injury issues to Rick Armstrong. He has been successfully practicing in these areas for years in North Texas.

Derk Wadas Criminal Defense Attorney on Aug 21, 2009


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