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Dallas Begins 2022 as Best Place in Texas for Small Business

Small businesses are often called the backbone of the U.S. economy. Well, if that’s the case, then Dallas County might be the spinal cord of small business in Texas.

Personal finance website Smart Asset ranks Dallas County the best place in Texas for small business owners. Nationally, Dallas County lands at No. 4.

To come up with its list, the website examined federal data to zero in on three factors: the number of small businesses operating in each county, how much income they generate, and what they pay in taxes.

Smart Asset then weighed each set of data to develop an index score, with 100 being the top number. Dallas County earned a score of 94.26 on the 100-point scale. It didn’t appear in Smart Asset’s Texas or national top 10 last year.

The Smart Asset study mostly aligns with other recent rankings for North Texas. For instance:

According to Dallas Economic Development, nearly 80 percent of businesses in Dallas are small businesses, and they employ almost 40 percent of the city’s workers.

“Small businesses account for a significant number of jobs and play a key role in growing tax revenue. Small business is fundamental to workforce development, especially in minority, immigrant, and under-educated … communities,” the economic development agency says.

Courtesy of Smart Asset, here’s the rest of this year’s top 10 counties in Texas for small business owners:

  • Galveston County (Houston metro area), No. 2 in the state and No. 5 nationally

  • Haskell County (north of Abilene), No. 3 in the state and No. 6 nationally

  • Titus County (east of Sulphur Springs), No. 4 in the state and No. 8 nationally

  • Matagorda County (east of Victoria), No. 5 in the state and No. 9 nationally

  • Goliad County (west of Victoria), No. 6 in the state

  • Glasscock County (east of Midland), No. 7 in the state

  • Stonewall County (northwest of Abilene), No. 8 in the state

  • Brooks County (north of McAllen), No. 9 in the state

  • Midland County (Midland metro area), No. 10 in the state


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