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What IP Do You Own? A Fort Worth Business Attorney Weighs In

Fort Worth business law attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, provides insight on what forms of IP your Texas business needs to protect.

Perhaps even more valuable than your financial holdings and physical assets, your company’s intellectual property (IP) may be the most critical asset you possess. In a multitude of ways, your collective IP helps define your brand, identify you to consumers, market your services and give you a competitive edge. But what, exactly, counts as intellectual property? What sorts of things do you need to protect as trade secrets? What needs to be patented, trademarked and copyrighted? Let’s take a brief inventory of types of IP your company might own and should protect.

• Branding. Any and all logos, original signage, slogans and even custom-designed fonts that help identify your brand should be trademarked. This step helps ensure no one else can conduct business using these properties—and if they do, you may be able to receive compensation they gain from them.

• Packaging. If your product is specially wrapped or contained in packaging that differentiates your business from others, this counts as part of your branding, as well. This intellectual property is referred to as “trade dress”.

• Marketing materials. You should register copyrights for all originally created content you use to market your business. Examples include printed brochures, white papers, jingles, radio and TV ads.

• Website. Your entire site and all its contents are legally protected under copyright law. Register the material and, once you have, display the copyright symbol and information on each page of your site.

• Original products and inventions. If your business revolves around a product you designed and created, you may be able to patent it. Likewise, if you utilize any type of physical or digital invention to help you conduct business (for example, a special tool, software or workflow method), these, too, may be protected by copyrights or patents.

• Contract Clauses.  Other types of intellectual property can be protected by contractual language correctly drafted by business legal counsel. New statutory protections are in place that can also help protect trade secrets, especially when accompanied by this type of contractual language.

You may have other intellectual property that is no less important to your Texas business. To learn more about types of IP and how to protect them, call Armstrong The Law Firm, P.C., to speak to an experienced Fort Worth business law attorney. You can reach us at 972-424-L-A-W-S (5297).

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