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What if Every Day Were Friday?

On a lark, I’ve decided to take a temporary break from talking about business entities. I figured you deserve a break from reading what can, at times, be a boring subject as much as I need a break from writing about it. The topic today is “What if every day were Friday?”

On many a Friday morning, I’ve gotten myself out of bed, feeling unusually upbeat. From virtually the moment I open my eyes and swing my feet over the edge of my bed, there is a special spring in my step, a glimmer in my eye and, yes, a special brand of light-heartedness that seems to elude me on other days. I can’t exactly define it, or why it happens, but the time-worn phrase, “T-G-I-F!” doesn’t seem to quite explain it. I simply know that on Fridays I have an indescribable sense of freedom, like a new colt gamboling through the meadow, with the sun playing on his back. It is the feeling akin, I suppose, to knowing you are about to go on vacation, but better. Better, because vacations, although fun, require quite a bit of planning and execution; almost, I have found, as going to work and performing my job.

Well, on one particular Friday recently, I thought rather cavalierly, what if I could bottle this feeling and, in a sense, patent it? I thought, “What if every day were Friday?” Wouldn’t that be a psychologically healthy, spirit-strengthening thing. Once that thought got into my head, I confess I couldn’t get it to leave, nor did I want it to. Being a man of action, and living in the great State of Texas where anything is possible, I decided to contact my legislator. You see in our state, the legislature meets in official session every two years. My thought was that, even if my idea got stuck in committee for awhile, I had enough lead time to make my new dream reality.

So, I looked up my state legislator’s name and gave him a call. He was a she, and for purposes of this blog, I will call her Representative Bell. Our conversation was both interesting and enlightening, and went something like this:

“Hello, my name is Ric Armstrong, and I would like to speak to Representative Bell, please.”
“Yes sir, and are you a constituent of Representative Bell?”
“Indeed I am. I also voted for her in the primary. And I have a great idea for some legislation this session. May I speak with her?”
“Sure. Can you hold?
“No problem.” (Several minutes of waiting)
“Hello, this is Mrs. Bell. What can I do for you Mr. Armstrong?”
“Well Representative Bell, I have an idea for a bill to introduce this session that I think would get a groundswell of support, and also help your re-election bid.”
“Oh, and what is that?”
“I think you should propose a bill that every day is Friday. You could call it the ‘Perpetual Weekend Law’ or even the ‘TGIF’ law.”
(Awkward Pause) “Surely you aren’t serious.”
“Oh, I’m very serious. Only, I don’t FEEL serious, because today is Friday, and it makes me feel…well, a little giddy. I wish every day were Friday, and I think all Texans should share in this good feeling.”
“Mr. Armstrong, with all due respect, you must realize that to do such a thing would play havoc with all organized activity. How would people ever distinguish one day from another in planning their activities?”
“That’s easy. We have dates for that. Like Friday the 2nd, or Friday the 17th.”
“But if every day were Friday, it wouldn’t be special anymore.”
“Oh, I think it would. Every day would be lived with anticipation of weekend.”
“But there would BE no weekend, if every day were Friday.”
“Precisely,” I responded. “There wouldn’t NEED to be, because every day would FEEL like a weekend. Therefore, there would be no week END and no week BEGINNING, but only a perpetual feeling of excitement and goodwill.”
“Aside from the confusion it would cause, Mr. Armstrong, what do you think it would do to economic productivity if everyone felt like it was a weekend all the time?”
“Increase it! Folks would be so uplifted that they would work even harder.”
“They would party all the time, sir. It would be like an endless Happy Hour.”
“I don’t think so, Representative. But even if I’m wrong, and you’re right about the Happy Hour thing, just think how pleased the restaurants and bars will be. Folks will drink alot more liquor, sales will go through the roof, tax revenue will increase and….” (I was beginning to really hit my stride at this point).
“Mr. Armstrong, I can understand how wonderful this thought must make you feel. I wish every day were Friday—well—kind of. But the calendar would lose its significance, days of the week would have no meaning, and people would invent reasons to stay home and declare the ‘weekend’ started early. And I would be the laughing stock of the legislature for introducing such a bill.”
“I think you’d be the most popular gal around. You would certainly get the under-25 vote.”
“Mr. Armstrong, I have important things to do, and no more time to discuss such a ludicrous notion. But if you’d like, come on down to Austin some time. Come on a Friday. Perhaps you can raise your idea to a committee–it should die there in no time.” And with that, Representative Bell hung up.

I was crushed. I still believed it will work. Why, the psychology of it alone! Even if people could convince themselves half of the time that the weekend was just around the corner, the world would become a better place. With no one else to expound my idea to, and still in a wonderful mood in spite of my conversation with the Representative. I decided to head off to TGI Fridays restaurant, where I spent the rest of the afternoon.

Thank God its Friday.

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