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Partners Who Engage in Unfair Competition “On the Side”

Picking up from where our last blog series left off, what sorts of ramifications can occur when one or more partners step outside of the fold, and start doing business “on the side,” separate and apart from his erstwhile comrades? Such a “side” business may directly or indirectly compete with the original partnership, corporation or limited liability company. This can fall into the category of something business lawyers call usurpation (wrongfully appropriating) a business opportunity. When it occurs, it can mean that firms like ours or other other business law firms get involved on both sides, trying to either prove or defend against allegations of unfair or illegal competition. In some cases, it can mean that injunctions–often called “cease and desist” orders will be sought, at great expense to all involved.

The answer, put succinctly, is proper and thorough discussion and planning at the front end of the business.


Richard Armstrong, Principal

Richard Armstrong, Principal


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