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Richard was an amazing attorney. Kept us informed and really cared about our case and my family. I would strongly recommend him and his firm.
Ian - Mar 31, 2015
Ric has been our attorney and friend for close to twenty years. He has been and always is there for us no matter what our needs or issues are. I would trust him with my first born, my last dime and everything in between. I love it that he's unashamedly a Christian, which along with his amazing intelligence and knowledge shows in everything he does. He has got our back and has never steered us wrong, even though at times he knew we wouldn't care too much for what we were about to hear. Among many other things, Ric set up our corporation and maintains it. He has handled cases where clients didn't pay us, where vendors sold us substandard materials, where a bank did us wrong, etc. He did our wills and is the executor of our estate. He has advised us on countless issues. I would recommend Richard L. Armstrong to all those who want to be represented by unparalleled talent and integrity.
Deena - Aug 8, 2013
Mr. Armstrong is a fabulous attorney who really cares about the clients he represents. He is very trustworthy and ethical. Mr. Armstrong goes above and beyond when he is working on items that are of a high importance to his clients. I would highly recommend Mr. Armstrong as a lawyer for his hard work and dedication to getting the job done.
Aurora - Aug 8, 2013
Since 2006, our family has trusted the Law office of Richard Armstrong with every legal issue that we have encountered. His office has incorporated two family businesses, addressed business issues and has handled personal legal issues with the utmost professionalism and outstanding support.
Maria - Jul 31, 2013
As someone who deals frequently with attorneys within the scope of my business, I have found Richard Armstrong to be a breath of fresh air in the legal profession. I first hired Mr. Armstrong in early 2012 as corporate counsel and have been working with him ever since. A great firm that provides tremendous value to their clients!
Wade - Jul 30, 2013
Based on our positive and professional experience with Mr. Armstrong handling initial legal issues, "Ric" is now on a yearly retainer with my company (SERVICE Rubber Group, Inc., www.servicerubber.com). Indicative of our results, his background, resources and education are extensive, confirming his reputation by making things happen. He abides by our standards; "H.E.& I." Honesty, Ethics & Integrity! We are blessed he is on our team and would highly recommend him for serious legal matters. Brian G.
Brian - Mar 9, 2012
Mr. Armstrong and his legal team took on our situation and took the burden off of us. Mr. Armstrong started strong and finished strong with complete communication and weighing our options each step of the way. Words cannot express the gratitude that our entire family feels towards the excellent workmanship and wealth of knowledge in the legal process. There was never any point at which we felt helpless or out of sync. Our family will use Mr. Armstrong in every matter requiring assistance or knowledge moving forward I recommend putting this attorney in your corner if your in need!
James - Dec 28, 2011
Richard was recommended to me and prior to that I did not know of him. Turned out to be the best recommendation I ever got and Gods sent. I am proud to say I been a client and I consider Richard as a Friend as well.
Yanal - Feb 9, 2011
Richard and his staff were always friendly as well as quick to respond to questions. They always made me feel that my business was important to them. Richard took care to discuss any and all concerns I had thoroughly and laid out the options in front of me and handled all my affairs in a timely manner. I've had lawyers in the past not really give much advice, they just did the work I asked with not much extra and in some cases seemed to do the opposite of what I was working to achieve. It was a pleasure to work with Richard and I would recommend him to anyone.
Arnold - Oct 13, 2009
Richard Armstrong guided me through a very difficult time for me and my family. I always felt knowlegeable of our position and my case. Most importantly, the communication from Richard's office was excellent. I always felt important and I was always treated with the utmost respect. I am also grateful for his staff. They were professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I trusted Richard with the financial well being of my family. He protected us and I am blessed to have worked with Richard Armstrong and his team. Richard is top notch and a class act. I recommend Richard Armstrong to represent you and your family in times when legal expertise is required. Thank you Richard
Lawsuits & Disputes client - May 31, 2009


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