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Dallas Business Attorney: More Insights on Employee Overtime Rules for Texas

Dallas business attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, talks about challenges to the proposed new employee overtime pay rules and the Trump administration’s attempts to relax them. Under new rules announced during the Obama administration that doubled the overtime salary threshold, small business owners would have had to pay

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Dallas Business Law Attorney Talks Employee Overtime Rules for Texas

Dallas business law attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, discusses the uncertainty surrounding proposed changes in employee overtime pay rules. Back in 2016, the Labor Department under the Obama administration announced new rules regarding employee overtime pay that would have a profound effect on how businesses compensated salaried employees—and

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Dallas Business Lawyer Discusses Doing Due Diligence Before an Asset Purchase

Dallas business law attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, talks about the importance of doing your due diligence before acquiring the assets of another company. While purchasing another business’ assets can hold numerous benefits for the growth of your own company, completing the purchase without doing due diligence can

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A Dallas Business Law Attorney’s Perspective on the New Tax Law

Dallas business law attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, talks about the sweeping new tax law and what Texas business owners can expect from it. After much controversy and contention, the new GOP-led Tax Cuts and Jobs Act officially became law on December 22, 2017—meaning as of January 1,

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Plano Business Lawyer: More Insights about How to Classify the People Who Power Your Business

Plano business lawyer, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, talks about how to categorize employees in your Texas business. Classifying workers correctly as either “employees” or “independent contractors” comprises only part of your responsibility as a Texas business owner. You must also correctly determine whether your employees are “exempt” or “non-exempt”

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Texas Business Succession Attorney’s Quickstart Guide to Planning (Part 1)

Texas business succession attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, discusses the importance of planning for the future of your company. A couple of years ago, CNBC released a poll with profoundly disturbing statistics. It found that nearly 80% of business owners planned to fund their retirements from their company, but

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19 Useful Questions to Ask a Prospective Dallas Business Law Attorney During Your Initial Consultation 

Dallas business attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, believes that the relationship between entrepreneurs and their attorneys matters hugely. You don’t have to be best friends with your lawyer, but you should feel at ease with, and experience some rapport with, him or her. To establish a solid relationship,

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Dallas Business Attorney Offers Advice for Drafting Clear Contracts

Dallas business attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, offer insights to entrepreneurs and owners about how to create contracts that are clear-cut and understandable for all parties. When drafting a business contract, the language you use is vital. Contrary to popular opinion, contracts shouldn’t be shot up with legalese

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8 Questions to Ask a Dallas Business Attorney Before Forming Your Corporation

Dallas business law attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, discusses eight important questions to ask when forming a new corporation in Texas. A good business attorney can help budding entrepreneurs on the road to success. Ask these questions to minimize and mitigate business risk: 1.    Q: Which business structure

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Plano Business Litigation Attorney

“It has long been the case that bringing a groundless suit carries risks for the Plaintiff,” says Plano Business Litigation Attorney Richard L. Armstrong.  One such risk is that a Plaintiff must pay for the suit to go forward, and no reasonable person wants to waste money

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