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What You Should Know About Business Litigation n Dallas

With its central location and business-friendly courts, Dallas has become a prime venue for companies to file lawsuits. The Dallas County District Courts hear most business and commercial litigation. There are 14 District Courts that handle these cases. For federal litigation, the Northern District of Texas Dallas Division is where most cases are filed. Judges in both state and federal courts in Dallas are generally viewed as knowledgeable, fair, and efficient in handling complex business disputes.

Breach of contract claims make up a significant portion of Dallas business litigation. With many companies signing agreements with vendors, customers, and partners, there is always the potential for one party to allege the other did not fulfill its contractual duties.

Common breach of contract lawsuits in Dallas include claims over broken leases, licensing agreements, and mergers/acquisitions deals gone awry. The elements a party must prove are straightforward: the existence of a valid contract, the plaintiff performed or was excused from performance, the defendant breached the terms, and damages resulted. But each case still involves parsing complex contractual language and applying it to the alleged facts.

Business torts are another major source of litigation in Dallas. These include claims of fraud, misrepresentation, unfair competition, and interference with contracts. Companies often sue competitors for taking business in an unlawful manner. Executives or shareholders may sue company management for self-dealing. And customers who feel duped may sue companies for misrepresenting products or services. The business tort landscape is vast and covers deception, theft, and dishonesty of all kinds in the business realm.

Finally, intellectual property disputes make up a significant portion of business litigation in Dallas. The Northern District of Texas sees the second highest patent caseloads of any district court. Infringement claims are commonly brought over patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. With tech companies' presence in Dallas plus research and development in fields like telecom and biotech, IP lawsuits are flourishing. The complexity and technical nature of IP cases leads parties to seek attorneys and experts with specialized expertise when litigating in Dallas courts.

Dallas provides fertile ground for a wide variety of business litigation claims. Companies operate in a complex legal environment full of potential pitfalls. Paying close attention to contracts, competitor behavior, corporate governance, and IP rights is key to avoiding litigation missteps. If you have any questions regarding potential litigation, please contact us.


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