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What Should You Include in an Employment Contract?

An employment agreement is a legal contract between employer and employee that covers the terms and conditions of employment. From being transparent upfront about all aspects of the contract to using straightforward contract language, there are several tips that should serve as your best guide for handling employment contracts when you sign up new employees for your organization.

11 Employment Contract Best Practices

  1. Be Transparent Upfront About All Aspects of the Contract

  2. Cover the Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Clauses Well

  3. Lay Out the Duties for the Role Clearly

  4. Specify the Period of Employment and Work Hours

  5. Keep Contracts Current

  6. Clearly Outline Any Opportunities for Monetary Benefits

  7. Have Clear Termination Details

  8. Include All Detailed Information for Mutual Accountability

  9. Define Your Working Model and Expectations Clearly

  10. Get the Contract and All Details to the Employee in a Timely Manner

  11. Use Straightforward Contract Language

It's also important to note that there several different types of employment contract including full-time or part-time, fixed-term contracts, temporary, internships, apprentice agreements and freelancer contracts. Employers can also engage employees via zero-hours contracts. More on this is our next newsletter.


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