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The Benefits of Engaging a Part-Time General Counsel

For a small or mid-sized business in Texas, bringing on a part-time General Counsel can provide strategic value and prevent legal headaches down the road. While not every company needs a full-time in-house counsel, a part-time GC can supplement the leadership team and provide specialized legal expertise on an affordable basis.

At Armstrong The Law Firm, P.C. we provide small and medium-sized businesses with the same executive-level legal resources as their larger competitors via our unique part-time practice model: Fractional General Counsel.

One major benefit of this model is support with contracts and legal documents. Working as your part-time GC, we can review and draft contracts, commercial leases, NDAs, vendor agreements, and other documents. We can also negotiate favorable terms and conditions to limit liability. Rather than using an unvetted template or paying lawyers hourly, your company can leverage our expertise to customize contracts that protect the company's interests. This applies to financing, real estate, employment, IP licensing, and other key matters.

As your part-time GC, we can also assist with business compliance. We can create and update company policies, ensure legal filings are in order, and advise on laws and regulations applicable to the company's industry. This helps mitigate enforcement actions or lawsuits from regulatory agencies like the Texas Workforce Commission, EPA, and others. We can also monitor changes in state and federal law to avoid violations.

Strategic guidance is another advantage. As your part-time GC, we can identify legal risks associated with business initiatives and provide advice to contain liability. Having quick access to a GC also helps address workplace issues that may grow into lawsuits. As your part-time General Counsel, we can intervene in harassment claims, discrimination allegations, and wage disputes before they escalate. This allows for quicker, less costly resolutions.

Finally, our part-time GC model provides legal insight that improves decision-making and avoids missteps. Through contract reviews, compliance efforts, strategic advice, and risk mitigation we are able to help you manage your liability at a fraction of the cost of an in-house counsel.


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