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Texas Named "Best for Business" 19th Year in a Row

The streak continues. Texas has been named the Best State for Business by the country’s top CEOs in an annual survey conducted by Chief Executive Magazine for a record-breaking 19th year in a row, Governor Greg Abbott announced.

“Texas is attractive to CEOs and their businesses because we offer the freedom and opportunity that cannot be found elsewhere: no state income tax; a stable, predictable regulatory structure; and a young, educated, and growing workforce ready to take on the jobs of tomorrow,” Abbott said in a statement. “Workers know that in Texas you can find a good home, a great education for your children, and plenty of companies that provide an ample income to support their family.”

In the survey, the rankings are determined by CEOs’ assessments of each state’s business climate, workforce, and quality of life. Texas has topped the nation every year since the magazine began the ranking in 2001.

Bigger in Texas

In another win, Abbott said that Texas recently was awarded the Governor’s Cup for a record 11th year in a row for attracting the most business relocation and expansion projects in the nation. He said Texas also celebrated additional milestones this year, including:

· Leading the nation with the fastest economic expansion

· Adding the most jobs over the past 12 months

· Breaking all previous records for total jobs, total Texans employed, and total Texas labor force

· And adding more than 2 million jobs under his leadership

“This generation of Texans is driven by freedom, opportunity, and innovation to solve the problems of the next century. We’ll strive to continue this incredible 19-year winning streak as we build the Texas of tomorrow,” Abbott said


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