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2022 Small Business Legal Guide

Over the years of representing businesses, some big, some small, across many different industries, I have learned that there are certain commonalities that bubble to the surface and resonate with every small business owner, whether there are hundreds of employees or only a few. Please understand that I am defining small business as five hundred employees or less. Admittedly, the definition is somewhat arbitrary, but the dynamics applicable to small businesses hold true for nearly every business falling within this bracket. Because the dynamics are consistent, so are the legal issues that arise with these businesses.

Yes, the law can at times be complex. But most of the time, if a person implements safe practices preventatively, he or she can simplify the practical application of legal principles to their business. By doing so, they can significantly lower their chances of winding up in court, in bankruptcy, or of simply being vulnerable to those that would take advantage of them.

It is in that spirit of prevention that I offer for your consideration eight tips I give to our small business clients. They have stood the test of time, and I trust that they will be beneficial to you as you valiantly strive for success in your business.

Richard Armstrong

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