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For litigation prevention, you need the right people on your side

Litigation prevention should be a top priority for small and medium-sized businesses, states Plano Business Attorney Richard Armstrong.

“It sounds almost passe,”  says Armstrong.  “But now, with the ‘Great Recession’ in our wake, it is important for the businessman to implement wise, forward-looking policies that minimize the risk that he will be caught in a protracted court battle.  Just ask anyone who has ever played by the book, done everything they know to do, and then suddenly found themselves staring at a process server saying, ‘Who me?’  I’ll guarantee you, that businessman never thought in a million years he would be caught in that scenario.

Life isn’t necessarily fair.  You can do well in business, beat your competition while playing by the rules, and still get stung hard by a customer, a vendor, or a competitor who is a loose cannon and just looking to make trouble. Or sometimes they are simply ill-advised.  The best way to deter such conduct, stresses Armstrong, is to have ongoing legal counsel readily available.  This is not as difficult or expensive as it seems.  Under a business model developed by his firm and launched  in 2003, Armstrong is able to offer competent, responsive legal representation to businesses of all types without charging the large, up-front retainers that many people associate with attorneys.

Why does Plano business litigation have my back?

Explains Armstrong, “The enlightened businessperson will build into their business plan general legal counsel who can be ready, at reasonable cost, to evaluate anything when called  upon to do so.  Sure, we can litigate, and we do a good job of it when we have to. But good planning and ongoing counsel can vastly reduce the likelihood of litigation in the first place.

Plano litigation lawyers at Armstrong the Law Firm, P.C. provide litigation prevention services through a unique company, FracGC, 1400 Gables Court, Plano, Texas, or call us at 972-424-L-A-W-S.

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