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Keeping Your Business Contracts Simple: A Fort Worth Business Lawyer Weighs In

Fort Worth business law attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, discusses why your contracts should be easy to understand, and how to get them that way.

Many business contracts these days are so filled with “legal-ese” that they come across as gibberish to the average person. Since lawsuits so often get filed over what is not spelled out in the contract, people tend to go to the other extreme, filling their contracts with so many details and “what ifs” that only a lawyer can unravel it.

This mentality misses the point. The whole reason for the contract is so both parties understand what’s in it so they can avoid the types of disputes that lead to lawsuits. How can you know what’s expected of you if you can’t even read the agreement?

Tips for Simplifying Your Business Contracts

Your business agreements should cover all the bases, but they needn’t be filled with needless “heretofores” and “party-of-the-second-parts” to protect you legally. Let’s look at some ways to simplify:

•    Identify all parties clearly. Who is entering into the agreement, and for what purpose?
•    To the extent possible, keep sentences short and to the point. What is each party’s responsibility in the agreement? Who will do what for whom, and by when?
•    Be detailed but clear. Avoid vague terminology that could be misinterpreted. Set exact dates for deadlines (e.g. “10th of the month” as opposed to “2nd week of the month”).
•    Have an attorney look it over or draft the final document. Don’t worry about contingencies you might have missed in your agreement; it’s the attorney’s job to make sure those are covered in your contract. Concentrate on the “deal points” and let your attorney take care of the rest.

The clearer you can be in your business contracts, the better relationships you’ll have with your clients and partners, and the less time you’ll spend in disputes and litigation.

To get help from a Fort Worth business law attorney in drafting your business contracts, call Armstrong The Law Firm, P.C., today at 972-424-L-A-W-S (5297).


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