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For Attorneys Only: The Frac GC® Practice Development Model

Do you wish to grow your law practice, and be able to offer your services to a wider variety of long term business clients? Our Frac GC® practice development model is a business model for attorneys, which more efficiently enables them to attract – and keep – clients via referral.

What is the Frac GC® Practice Development Model?

Frac GC® (Fractional General Counsel) is a practice development model for attorneys, developed by Armstrong The Law Firm, P.C. that enables law firms to grow their practices via referral and attract quality, long term clients who will evolve into activist emissaries for the law firm, spreading the word about their good service. By registering for Frac GC® practice development, attorneys learn how to grow their practice into a referral magnet that retains clients. In addition, the model provides tools, methodologies and business resources for attorneys to ensure consistent growth and to take the law practice to the next level.

Referred clients are gold

Clients that have been referred to your practice, rather than sourced via internet searches or other marketing techniques, are the most sought after clients for good reason.  You don’t need to sell yourself or convince referred clients to hire your services if your practice has already been recommended by a trusted source. As long term clients, referred clients are generally lower maintenance, allowing you to deliver excellent service with minimal hassle. Any lawyer who has experienced genuine success with practice growth will attest that one or two of such preferred clients are worth 15 or 20 that came to you via the internet or any other source.

Being a member of Frac GC® benefits your clients

Many small to medium sized businesses have significant legal needs but cannot yet afford the services of a full time corporate attorney. The Frac GC® practice development model provides law practices with valuable resources and businesses strategies that free them to deliver affordable legal services to these clients.  Additionally, Frac GC® helps attorneys to attract new clients, while ensuring that smaller businesses have access to excellent legal services and advice.

Why invest in business development for attorneys?

The Frac GC® practice development model ensures that your law practice can grow a solid base of referred clients and produce a steady income stream. A referred client trusts you because he or she comes already stamped with the imprimatur of trust from the referral source. This ensures a regular and dependable source of income from a variety of corporate law referrals. Clients who are on Frac GC® provide a law practice with sustainable financial stability, are usually low maintenance, and will often generate more referrals if they are happy with your service.

If you are interested in growing your law practice and attracting high quality, long term referral clients in, Register for Free today or contact Armstrong The Law Firm, P.C. for further information.

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