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Dallas Business Attorney on How to Choose a Charity That Matches Your Values

Dallas business attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, talks about ways to choose a charity for your business to support.

When businesses choose to donate time and finances to charities they believe in, the benefits can be far-reaching, not only for the community itself, but also in public image, company morale and even tax savings. But with so many great organizations in need of help, how do you decide which charity(ies) to support?

It’s a question worth some time and consideration because you’re not just giving money to this cause—you’re also putting your company name behind it. Let’s explore some criteria to help you narrow down you “short list” of possible charities:

• Find a cause you’re passionate about. Are you particularly concerned about the homeless or hungry in your community? Do you support the right to life of the unborn? Do you love animals? Are you passionate about making sure everyone has clean water to drink? Allowing your personal passions to inform the charities you support helps you remain enthusiastic about that support, even when revenues are down.

• Where is your money going, and is the charity doing effective work? Not every non-profit is spending dollars wisely or seeing good results. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do some investigative work to make sure your dollars are well-spent.

• What do your employees care about? If you’re unsure about which charities you want to support, ask the people who work for you where they’d want to volunteer their own time and energy. This step can be especially helpful when supporting a cause in your local community.

Charities We Support

Armstrong The Law Firm P.C.  currently supports two charities that matter very much to us. If you’re still on the fence about which charities you want to support, take a look at these quality organizations:

• Upbring—This faith-based organization works to break the cycle of child abuse through a wide reaching range of initiatives, from educational programs to adoptive/foster care.

• Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch—This small but powerful organization in Arizona runs a ranch where adults suffering from autism can develop skills for a happy, productive life in a rural and supportive setting.

For business-related legal matters requiring the advice of a Dallas business attorney, we are here to help. Call Armstrong The Law Firm, P.C., at 972-424-L-A-W-S (5297).

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