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Dallas Business Attorney Offers Insight into a Cool Strategy for Growing Your Company

In uncertain times, creativity can keep your business thriving. Experienced Dallas business attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, has collected useful insights to that end from the excellent business guide Great by Choice, by Jim Collins and Morton Hansen.

Based on exhaustive statistical analyses, Collins and Hansen outline strategies to help businesses grow and succeed, and their concept of “bullets, then cannonballs” is a profoundly powerful one.

Essentially, the idea behind “bullets, then cannonballs” is to be smart about innovation. Creativity can help you break through constraints to growth, but attempting every new idea that comes along isn’t strategic. Doing so scatters your energy, and even if you’re aiming in approximately the right direction, you are likely to burn up a lot of time, energy and capital on ideas that might not pay off or that could even backfire.

Instead, Collins and Hansen suggest firing “bullets” first – testing out a new idea or innovation on a small scale, to see how it works. Once your test bullets have shown that a strategy, product, or technological innovation has some proven success, you can fire “cannonballs” – a scaled up version of the test. In other words, you invest the bulk of your experimental time and energy in proven strategies to gain at least a modicum of confidence that the attempt won’t be a waste.

Collins and Hanson extend the metaphor of bullets and cannonballs. They point out that bullets, like these small-scale tests, are low in cost and risk. They also won’t “sink a ship” (i.e., ruin your firm), but a cannonball can. That’s why firing uncalibrated cannonballs is such a bad idea. Along those lines, however, don’t be afraid to fire cannonballs when appropriate! Your job isn’t to avoid risk altogether; it’s to minimize the dark side of risk while maximizing any upside.

One strategic way to minimize risk is to have outsourced business legal counsel at your side, to give you the legal perspective on wherever your creativity may take you.

Of course, firing the right bullets and the right cannonballs in the right order is a lot easier with a strategic legal team supporting your business. For insights into how to take your Texas company to the next level, contact a Dallas business attorney with Armstrong, the Law Firm, P.C. for a free, confidential consultation at (972) 424-5297.


Richard L. Armstrong, Principal


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