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Common Mistakes People Make with Office Leases: Insights from a Dallas Business Attorney

Dallas business law attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, offers guidance on avoiding getting ensnared with office leases.

Whether you’re just starting out in a new office space or relocating to new offices, the terms of your lease can make the difference between whether your small business thrives or struggles within the space. Let’s look at a few common mistakes business owners make when negotiating office leases and how to avoid them.

Being Overeager or Desperate

Whether out of pressing need or extreme excitement, many business owners gloss over the terms of an office lease just to get to the part where they can move in. Failing to evaluate terms carefully can lock you into a less-than-stellar agreement for many years. Never skip to the dotted line; read your lease carefully, and if need be, have an attorney look it over with you. See if there is anything he thinks is negotiable.

Locking into a Lease that Hinders Your Growth

Commercial landlords like long-term leases because it ensures occupancy—but that reality isn’t always best for business with a fast growth trajectory. Don’t sacrifice your ability to grow on the alter of lower rent; choose a lease term that fits your growth projections, or at least rent a space that gives you room and flexibility to grow.

Overlooking the Power of Negotiation

Many business owners don’t realize the landlord needs them as much as they need him, and therefore they forfeit many perks they could have had simply by negotiating for them. For example, if a landlord wants a 5-10 year lease, you can ask for proportional concessions in exchange, like a certain amount of free rent, or having the landlord pay for your build-out. You should also try to negotiate some sort of exit provision in case the unexpected occurs and you need to get out of the lease for some reason. These are all reasonable requests, and a landlord should be ready to discuss the. If not, consider your other options among available office spaces.

To protect your company’s interests, an experienced Dallas business law attorney can evaluate any office lease before you sign, and if need be, negotiate with the landlord for better terms. To learn more, call Armstrong The Law Firm, P.C., at 972-424-L-A-W-S (5297).

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