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Why a Qualified Dallas Business Law Attorney Should Review Your Vendor Contracts Before You Sign Them

Dallas business lawyer, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, discusses the potential legal pitfalls often hidden within vendor contracts. When negotiating contracts with vendors, or anyone else, for that matter, the basic rule applies: If it’s not in writing, you can’t enforce it. Many business owners mistakenly assume their vendor

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5 Ways the Internet Threatens Your Intellectual Property: A Dallas Business Attorney’s Perspective

Dallas business lawyer, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, weighs in on the Internet’s effects on protecting intellectual property (IP). While the Internet certainly makes our lives easier, it also makes creators and inventors more susceptible to intellectual property theft. Let’s look at 5 common ways the Internet could make

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What is the 20 Mile March? Dallas Business Lawyer Explores a Powerful Concept You Should Know

Dallas business lawyer, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, explains a popular business concept and how it can help you greatly as you expand your reach. In his bestselling book, “Great by Choice,” author Jim Collins — in collaboration with a group of esteemed business researchers — sought to answer the following essential

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Partners Who Engage in Unfair Competition “On the Side”

Picking up from where our last blog series left off, what sorts of ramifications can occur when one or more partners step outside of the fold, and start doing business “on the side,” separate and apart from his erstwhile comrades? Such a “side” business may directly or

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Why does a “good” partnership or company split up? (Part 2)

[Continuation of last week’s blog, “Why does a  ‘good’ partnership or company  split up?] The principal reason that many a partnership or similar company endures a turbulent “business divorce” is because they didn’t take the time to communicate, evaluate, negotiate, and clearly reduce to writing what each

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Federal Passage of Defend Trade Secrets Act: A Victory for Intellectual Property?

On April 5th,  the United States Senate passed the Defend Trade Secrets Act—a bipartisan bill co-authored by Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Chris Coons (D-DE) that its sponsors claimed will save the American economy billions of dollars each year by combating trade secret theft. In an unusually harmonious vote, the

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A Primer on Preparing for Non-Compete Litigation: Part 4 and the Final in a Series

Fourth Step: This is the final installment in a four part series on this topic. Once your attorney has met with you to discuss the strength or weakness of the written and oral evidence, it is time to make an informed decision about whether, and in what

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A Primer on Preparing for Non-Compete Litigation: Part 1 in a Series

OK, so let’s say you have just learned that a  former key employee of yours may be violating the terms of her non-compete agreement with your company.  What should you do? Should you call her and ask that she stop? Should you ask your attorney to send

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