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Dallas Business Lawyer Discusses Examples of Successful Mergers & Acquisitions

Dallas business law attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, explores M&A success stories and what your Dallas business can learn from them. The business practice of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) can be complicated at best, and devastating at worst. A truly successful merger requires careful planning and analysis, sometimes

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Dallas Business Lawyer Rounds Up 2018’s Most Interesting Business Law Stories – Part 2

Dallas business law attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, continues his discussion about the year’s most interesting business law stories. Many intriguing business law stories have hit the news this year, more than we could cover in one or two blog posts. Let’s continue looking at a selection of

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What IP Do You Own? A Fort Worth Business Attorney Weighs In

Fort Worth business law attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, provides insight on what forms of IP your Texas business needs to protect. Perhaps even more valuable than your financial holdings and physical assets, your company’s intellectual property (IP) may be the most critical asset you possess. In a

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Dallas Business Law Attorney on the Importance of Charity

Dallas business law attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, talks about why supporting local charities is good for business. Perhaps paradoxically, one of the most important things you can do for your business is to find one or more charities you believe in and support them, whether through volunteering,

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Dallas Intellectual Property Attorney Talks About Trademarks

Dallas business attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, discusses the basic things all business owners should know about trademarks. If you start and run a business of any kind, you want your customers to know your name and to be able to identify you easily. To accomplish this, you’ll

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More Thoughts on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act [From a Dallas Business Lawyer]

Dallas business lawyer, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, explores how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will impact Texas entrepreneurs. With sweeping changes in the tax code going into effect on January 1, 2018, many business owners are scrambling to understand how (or if) they will benefit from the

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Mindset of Startup Entrepreneurs vs. Those More Experienced: A Dallas Business Attorney’s Perspective

Dallas business law attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, compares the way an experienced entrepreneur views legal risks versus first-time entrepreneurs, and what the latter can learn from the former. Startup companies abound these days, and many of them bring some fantastic and innovative ideas to light. However, first-time

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Choosing the Best Structure for Your New Dallas Business: A Dallas Business Lawyer’s Insights

Dallas business lawyer, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, talks about the different types of business structures in Texas and the legal implications of each. If you’re starting a new business in Dallas, selecting a legal structure may be one of the most important decisions you make. You can, of

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A Texas Business Law Attorney’s Guide to Surviving a “Business Divorce” (Part 2)

Texas business law attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, talks in more depth about dissolving a Texas business partnership. You just discovered that your best friend from childhood (and business partner for decades) has been hiding assets in an offshore account. Or maybe you and your co-owner keep screaming

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Fort Worth Business Law Attorney Talks About Common Traps in Buy-Sell Agreements

Fort Worth business law attorney, Richard “Ric” Armstrong, discusses missed opportunities and snares to avoid when crafting buy-sell agreements. When one co-owner leaves the business, whether by death, coercion or choice, your buy-sell agreement provides governance as to how company ownership transfers to the remaining owner(s) or

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