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Should I have an Employee Handbook?

To the question, “Should I have an employee handbook?”, the short answer is, “Yes.” While it is not legally required that every small business have an employee handbook, it is highly recommended for companies with, according to the Small Business Administration, “more than a few employees.” Now,

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Get the guru for business legal matters to have your back

I thought I would take a minute to address the idea of expertise and knowledge in this particular blog as the guru for business legal matters. Let’s face it: more than ever before in history we live in a marketplace of ideas. You have articles and blogs

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Why Online Legal Services Aren’t Necessarily a Good Choice for Small Businesses

Okay, Okay, I know. You’re thinking, “Of course Armstrong is going to say that. After all, he is a business attorney, and the on line services are cutting into his business.” I understand why you might think that, but, think again. My practice is doing better than

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